A Peculiar Speed Dating/e

One of my acquaintances went to Speed Dating. She had met 20 or so men within the limit of two hours. Those men could have been “anyone,” and she ended up getting six numbers.

“Amazing people,” she commented.

“Physically?” I wondered.

“Emotionally too!” she assured me.

“I doubt it…” I shrugged.

The idea that you could sample a personality – and a compatible one at that – through so brief an interaction, got me thinking, “What if Speed Dating had a night where men or women from history would get a few minutes’ acquaintance with you? How many fanatics, ruthless mass killers, and dictators would you recognize in those couple of minutes, had you not known them by their portraits?” There would be no demonic flames surrounding them, no serpent tongues, no hellish aura…You would find some charming, intelligent, and date-worthy people who would then invite you to check out an inquisitor’s dungeon, or a concentration camp.

We need to spend more time on studying historical figures – no matter how dark – in their personal lives to understand the mechanisms of such capital destruction. For these thought patterns to never take root in our mentalities or egos. To avoid the same mistakes and preserve the world from them.

Personal diaries are my favorite and main source for this.



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